Animator vs. Animation

When making a software, a program, or even a game, you will encounter several terms that sound so common but are altogether foreign. For instance, you would probably encounter the terms animator and animation. While they sound so common and not exactly too technical, you will find out that they are not exactly what you think they mean, especially when taking in the gaming or developing context. Let’s break down the difference of each word.


An animator is known to be the person making animations. For instance, animators are commonly known to make the characters from the built to what the character can do. That’s still particularly true; however, animators nowadays have evolved. Early on, they still had to be creative enough to ideate a character. Nowadays, due to the transformation and evolution in technology, it seems that these animators are just “actors”, in the sense that they follow what has already been ideated.


An animation, on the other hand, is technically really just the process of creating movement. There are so many types of animation, but we can focus on 2D and 3D animation for the purpose of focusing on computer animation. The animator usually creates the animation of a certain character in, let’s say a game. He or she manipulates the movement of the character, as well as its reaction. It’s basically the same with 3D animations, except there are more dimensions to take note of with 3D animations so perhaps the coding will be different.

The terms are not exactly hard to understand, except there is actually much more to them than being just the “creator” of a movement and the “process” of creating movement, if we follow the layman definitions. These terms are important to study in-depth especially since different platforms will pertain to these terms differently as well.


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