HBase vs. MongoDB

HBase – An accessible, distributed database constructed on top of HDFS that backs up structured data storage for enormous tables.

MongoDB – It is an easy-to- utilize document store that a lot of people choose as a suitable substitute for an SQL database since it needs no pre-defined schemas.


The HBase architecture is in the structure of Master/Slave relationship. HBase application characteristically has a master node and multiple section servers as pillars. Every section server comprises a number of section then data are stored in tables and these tables are later stored in every section.

MongoDB is an flexible database that can adjust its schemas while the application develops, whereas maintaining the key functionalities from the outdated databases for instance secondary indexing and include an advanced query language.

HBase uses java as it’s implementation language whereas MongoDB uses C++ as its key implementation language.


HBase delivers a record-centered storage layer that facilitates fast, random reads and writes to data, perfecting Hadoop through give emphasis to high throughput at the deprivation of low-latency I/O.

HBase can employ the storage memory, and CPU resources of whichever number of servers, in addition it possesses scale-out elements such as automatic shading. HBase can measure limitlessly as performance and load requirements escalate merely by totaling server nodes. HBase was invented from the ground up to offer ideal functioning when stability is vital. HBase provides developers a method to power existing skill with SQL while constructing on an additional modern, distributed database.

MongoDB is created so that data may have a dynamic schema. Instead of load storing the data in a usual 2 dimensional database, MongoDB holds data in a binary version termed as Binary JavaScript Object Annotation. the database contains numerous sets of documents that lack a particular format. As a result, the data model can be modified on the basis of application requirements and enhance its functioning.


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