Resolve vs. Solve

There are two ways in which the word “resolve’ can be used. It can either be used as a Noun or as a Verb.

1. To make a firm determination to do something. For example, I “resolved” that I would visit the Grand Canyon on my next holiday.

2. A formal resolution by a legislature. For example, the Legislature “resolved” that the President should be impeached.

1. To settle a problem or find a solution to a contentious matter. For example: We have “resolved” the problem.

2. To make a firm decision on a course of action : For example. We both “resolved” to ask him the question.

On the other hand the word “Solve” means to find an answer or way of dealing with a problem. The word “solve” can only be used as a verb.
1. I “solved” the equation in no time.
2. I and Jude worked together to solve the Community’s problems.


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