Flovent vs. Advair

Making out a clear difference between the medications of flovent and advair!!

The art of medicine is loved due to the love for the revitalization of humanity!! Medicines are very often a strong reason behind miracles that touch the lives of many ailing patients. Primarily, shifting your focus towards the specifications of a steroid namely flovent, the generic name of this medication is fluticasone inhalation.

Uses of Flovent

Flovent is basically brought into usage to avert the onset of asthma attacks. Here, it is important to acquaint the users with the fact flovent does not play the role of a rescuer. An asthma attack that has already been initiated will not be diverted or treated by the action of this medication. The two genres of this medicine that are Flovent HFA and Flovent Diskus are brought up together and consumed orally in order to prevent the symptoms of asthma.

Flovent is available in the liquid form and is brought into safe usage through a compact inhaler device. One needs to follow the given instructions before using it that comes along with the medicine and the scheduled dosage should be formulated according to the doctor’s advice. To acquaint you further, in this piece of brief annotation, we are also going to discuss about the noticeable difference between flovent and advair.

Side effects of Flovent

Now, let us discuss about the side effects of flovent which are usually common after certain amounts of dosage: –

  • Headache or hoarseness
  • Throat infection
  • Dryness in nose or mouth or throat
  • White patches or certain sores inside the mouth
  • Stuffy nose or instant pain due to sinus
  • Deep or intensified voice along with cough
  • Liver problems ranging from upset stomach, vomiting, dark urine and symptoms of jaundice.
  • Blurred vision or pain in eyes.

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