Heparin vs. Lovenox

Heparin and Lovenox are anticoagulant drugs that are normally used to avert the formation of blood clots or impeding how rapidly they form. These drugs are also used in disintegrating already formed blood clots and restore normal flow of blood within the body. The most crucial difference between both drugs is that their molecular weights differ, therefore making them behave distinctly when administered.

Heparin is a naturally occurring chemical that resides in the human liver and is produced by mast cells. It facilitates smooth flow of blood through various vital organs of the body. The type of heparin that is normally used for medical purposes is not the one obtained from human tissues but rather cattle lung tissues and also from the intestines of pigs. When administered directly to the bloodstream, this substance prohibits blood clots for a couple of hours.

Lovenox is a substance obtained from Heparin. The difference of this substance from heparin is that it has been subjected to certain modifications such that it has a lower molecular weight as compared to Heparin. The alteration in its composition allows it to last much longer than heparin thus making it more effective and convenient under certain conditions.


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