Levofloxacin vs. Ciprofloxacin

General outline:

When we talk about Levofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin, these two drugs serve lots of benefits. The bacterial disease is something which always plagues humankind ad using them accordingly, will relieve you of all those problems. These are doctor certified and are popularly sold out on most of the drug shops. They are also similar in functioning, but still there are some notable differences.

Side effects of Levaquin:

Levaquin or Levofloxacin is mainly an antibiotic which is used to cure different kinds of bacterial disorders. It is very popular on the market and sold out over the counter without any prescription. The medicine dosage differs from infection to infection. For daily consumption, you will have to intake about 250mg. Normally, the range depends on the kind of infection, and the amount can be 250-750mg. The growth of bacteria is stopped when it is applied over it for a particular time span. However, this medicine is not used for curing viral infections such a cold and flu.

There are some side effects which go along with this medicine:

  • Pounding heartbeats
  • Extreme headaches
  • Bleeding and skin bruising
  • Less amount of urination or not at all
  • Diarrhea which is bloody or watery
  • Sudden development of ailments
  • Eye pain
  • Joint

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