Side-effects of dextrose:

Dextrose is used for intake of fluids, which contain higher quantity of sugar. Usually people, who don’t drink sufficient liquid, they take Dextrose to maintain fitness and health. Just like Maltodextrin, Dextrose also causes several side-effects. Taking dextrose may cause frequent urination issue along with too much pain and swelling. This can also create other issues including itching and harmful allergic reactions on the skin. Excessive intake of dextrose can cause swelling of lips and tongue. It will be better to know that you can develop such side-effects or not.

What’s the main difference between Maltodextrin and Dextrose?

Maltodextrin is not as sweet as Dextrose and it doesn’t blend as effectively as Dextrose, so it is quite simply to differentiate both of them. It is obtained through corn starch and refined it into ion-exchange demineralization. Maltodextrin is extracted from ordinary corn-starch plus users can absorb it quickly. The experts say that Maltodextrin is quite complex and dextrose is just opposite to it. Hence, maltodextrin is derived directly from ordinary corn-starch, the patients can take it. Dextrose is widely used in supplements, which is taken by people who want to gain more power and build muscles.


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