Posturefit vs. Lumbar

When buying a working chair, you should buy one which preserves the spinal’s natural alignment even when in an upright posture. Reclining postures maintain the spine’s natural curve by opening the angle between the thigh and the torso so as to achieve alignment. There are two kinds of working chairs that you can choose from; and they include, the Posturefit and Lumbar Support. Read the paragraphs below to learn the difference between Posturefit and Lumbar support chairs.

The Posturefit SupportGetPostureFit

The goal of Posturefit support is to apply pressure to only the spine’s lower quarter. The only people that benefit from using this chair are those that are task oriented, i.e., ones that sit mainly in an upright position. Many people report that Posturefit’s mechanism is very low and can’t be adjusted down or up. Furthermore, Posturefit doesn’t do anything for the Lumbar region. Posturefit works like a hand to smoothly maintain the pelvis supported & tilted forward.

The Lumbar Support

The lower back can also be supported by the lumber support. This is usually when the back is in an inclined position. The Lumbar supports the spine’s natural curve when the individual is in a reclined position. Many people find this position very comfortable. The Lumbar support pad offers a more active support as that which is offered by a brace along the lower back. Additionally, the thickness and height of the Lumbar support pad can be adjusted to offer a more focused support to the lower back.

What is the Difference Between Posturefit and Lumbar?

The type of support needed for the back is narrowly related to the activities that you perform while sitting. Since you have an option of choosing from eitherPosturefit or Lumbar support, you should know (or have a good idea of) how you move while in your chair. The Lumbar support guides the spine back into its proper alignment while tiltingbackwards. On the other hand, the objective of thePosturefit is to provide support to the sacral region. It helps to keep the pelvis tilted forward.


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