Cedar vs. Pine

Even having had the biology drummed into our heads all through high school, identifying the difference between Cedar and Pine is a real nail biter. Cedar is the general name used to refer to several different trees belonging to the genus cedrus. These trees are have square-cracked barks, scaly evergreen leaves that vary from bright green and blue-green to a dark green color. In addition, their cones are large and cylindrical, green when young and brown when matured. On the other hand, pine is a type of tree that has a scaly and broad bark, cones that have circling scales and evergreen leaves that are either single or clustered depending on whether are juvenile or needle-like adult leaves respectively. However, despite the fact that both cedar and pine are coniferous trees (triangular and have seed cones) and both have a strong scent of conifer evergreen, here are a few things that would help you spot the difference:

  • Cedar has scale-like foliage while pine has needle-like foliage.
  • Cedar is native to the west Himalayas Mountains and the Mediterranean regions while pines are more widespread over the northern hemisphere to the point of crossing the equator.
  • The seeds of cedar come in resinous cones that have an unsavory resin, while those of pine come in scaly cones that are easily opened.
  • Cedar has a ridged splintered bark. On the other hand, a pine’s bark forms in tiles that are easy to peel of and soft on the underside.
  • Pine branches grow up to form a tight spiral while cedar has a framework of level and broad branches.
  • Pine cones tend to be higher up in the tree than cedar cones.
  • Pine seeds have wings to help in wind pollination while cedar seeds are not winged.
  • When cut, cedar wood tends to have a strong spicy resinous scent while pine wood has a more toned down evergreen conifer scent

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