Parietal vs. Visceral

What is visceral pain?

Visceral pain is a type of pain that originates from the organs which are within the body. The organs in the body usually do not have other receptors types for stimulus such as heat and touch. This makes the organs to be able to continue with their involuntary activities without a person being aware of it. More so pain receptors are almost in very organ except the brain, lungs and deep tissues of the liver.

What is parietal pain?

Parietal pain on the other hand is a sharp distress sensational in parietal pleura usually caused by thoracic movements given rise either by tuberculosis, pneumothorax, empyema, pneumonia, asbestosis or fluid accumulation due to liver, kidney or heart disease. Pain that comes up due is usually felt at this area of the chest wall over the involved area.


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