Sulfa vs. Sulfate

Sulfa and Sulfate are two chemical components that have different effects when absorbed into the body.The difference between sulfa and sulphate starts from their basic definitions.

Sulfa is a class of pharmaceutical drug that contain sulfonamides. Sulfonamides are chemical compounds made up of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur where the name originates. Examples of sulfonamides includes; sulfathiazoles, sulfanilamide, sulfadiazine and many more.

Sulfate is a chemical that’s an oxide of sulfur element. In the human body, one can find dozens of these compounds. There are about a hundred sulfates in the natural food. Although sulfur is a component of sulphate, it differs. Sulfur in the body cannot cause allergic reactions as compared to sulphate compound. Sulphate attached compounds can cause allergy depending on individuals. For example glucosamine sulfate in shellfish.


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