Charcoal vs. Gas

Charcoal is a light black residue which has carbon and any other form of ash. It is obtained by the elimination of water and every other reactive constituents from vegetation and animal substance remains. Charcoal production is also done through the pyrolysis process. This is a process which involves the heating of wood in the absence of oxygen. This is an impure form of carbon due to the fact that it contains numerous types of ash. Nevertheless, sugar charcoal is one of the purest types of carbon especially if it is made by use of sulfuric acid in a dehydration process to avoid any introduction of new impurities. This is because impurities may be fully removed from the sugar prior to this dehydration reaction.

Gas is a form of fuel that comprises of hydrogen, hydrocarbons like methane and propane, carbon monoxide or a mixture of all of them. These are sources of light and heat energy and can be distributed from the producers to the consumers through pipes. These gases may exist as natural or the manufactured gas types. The natural gases include butane, propane and other re-gasified liquid petroleum gases. The manufactured gases include coal gas, Biogas, blast furnace gas, syngas, water gas, wood gas and several others.


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